20 Dec 2006

Delpoying Reporting Services Reports With MSBuild

I am currently responsible for deploying our project into the test and production environments.  The project has a few reports which need to be installed on a few report servers.  The deployment tool that I am using for the rest of my project is MSBuild so I tried to see if there was a way of getting MSBuild to deploy the reports.  The only method that I found was to write an RS script file which deployed the reports and calls the Exec task to run the RS script. 

So I started outright with RS script as I was not over joyed about writing VB.Net code as I am a C# coder. Then I remembered that MSBuild is customizable as it allows custom tasks to be written.  So I stopped writing my VB.Net code went back C# and created a few tasks that are commonly needed to deploy: AddReportUser, CreateReportFolder, CreateConnectionSoruces, DeployReports and SetReportsDataSource.  The task code was easy to write. I did have to change some of the auto generated code.  I changed the refence.cs file by changing the ReportingService2005 method to accept a string as it called and removed all references to the setting file and app.config.  I also deleted the setting file and app.config that was created by the Visual Studio.

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