22 Feb 2006

SSIS Connection Object and Expressions

I have been writing a custom source adapter that uses a file connection within the connection manager. If I hard-code a specific file then the component works. However if I use a file connection that has an expression defined which updates the connection, for example when you have a for-each loop looping over a set files. The file connection doesn’t seem to re-evaluate expression each time you access the file connection via the code.

9 Feb 2006

SSIS Variable Deadlock

I have noticed a problem with the script task within SSIS. The problem occurs when a script task encounters an error and the SSIS on-error event also has a script task that uses a variable that is being locked by the script task that raised the error. The problem seems to be that the SSIS on-error event fires and runs before the script task that raised the error has finished and released its lock on the variable. I have even tred to overcome this problem by using a try/catch block to release the variable locks but this also failed to resolve the problem.

SSIS Changes Database Settings

I have a SSIS package with a simple data flow task, which takes data from a flat file and loads it to an OLE-DB destination (which is configured to use Native OLE-DB\Native Client). As I ran the package via the command-line I noticed that SSIS made changes to the database options. One of the most important options that were being changed was the database recovery model which was modified to run under Bulk-Logged. This changing of the recovery model could cause problems for the back-up and recovery procedure if you are using incremental transaction log back-up as Bulk-Logged will not allow this to run. I can understand why SSIS makes this change because Bulk-Logged does not write any data to the transaction log for Bulk operations. For this reason it does not allow incremental log back-ups and always recommends that you do a back-up of the database when you change back to Simple or Full mode.