19 Feb 2008

How to tell when the Team Foundation Server data warehouse was last updated.

While I have been working on the Scrum for Team System reporting I came across a re-occurring issue.  The issue was not knowing when our data warehouse last updated or when the next update was due to happen. 

After some investigation, including some information from a link on one of my colleague’s blog posts, I found the answer to the issue.  In the TFS  data warehouse there is a table called: _WarehouseConfig.  This contains some useful information like when the last data warehouse was last process time, process interval and end time of each step of the process ended.  

So with this information I updated the version report for Scrum for Team System to include the following information: process interval time, next time process is due, last time the cube was processed, last time the data in data warehouse was updated.

I have attached a copy of the new report as it not exclusive to Scrum for Team System.  Also this report was written for TFS 2008.

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