29 Jul 2009

SfTS V3 Operation: Reports face lift.

For the last few months I, with the help of fellow work colleague Kate Begley, have been working on the writing the reports for the Scrum for Team System V3 process template, which Beta 1 has been released and details are available from http://blogs.conchango.com/sfts/archive/2009/07/28/scrum-for-team-system-v3-beta-programme.aspx.

There are a number of changes, from a reporting aspect, that have been introduced into Team Foundation Server 2010 platform and the Scrum for Team System V3 process template like: Warehouse schema changes; only supporting Reporting Services 2008; a sophisticated multi-team support model and new QA model. As a result the reports have been completely rewritten so there is a limited number in this beta release.
However I would like to highlight some of the smaller updates that been applied to the reports to help readability / usability of the reports which are as follows:
  • A reporting site folder structure has been created to make browsing the reports easier
  • Reporting tool tips on the charts to display the unit, value, date that point on the chart is showing.
  • A Today strip line, with tool tip showing where Today is.
  • Small descriptions have been embedded into the reports so when viewing the report in Report Manager or Team Foundation Server Web access their descriptions can be seen to give a snapshot of their function.
  • A report footer has been added with the same embedded description and link to a report guidance (which will be coming soon).
  • The Portal reports can be resized within the SharePoint portal by changing the height and width report parameters to help with customising the SharePoint portal.
The reports that are still available from previous versions are as follows:
  • Version – Diagnostic
  • Bug History Chart – QA
  • Product Burndown Chart By Day – Release
  • Product Cumulative Flow – Release
  • Sprint Burndown Chart – Sprint
  • Sprint Cumulative Flow – Sprint
Alongside these additional new reports for version 3, which I will cover in another blog:
  • Warehouse Status - Diagnostic
  • Sprint Burndown - Tasks and Stories Chart – Sprint
  • Sprint Team Aggregate – Sprint